Backrelease Trigger Point Massage Tool


  • 2 attachments to reach deeper muscle groups
  • Application all over the body
  • Excellent to reach back, shoulders and neck
  • Create precise localized pressure
  • Fits in every pocket

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight170 g
Dimensions23 × 18 × 4 cm


Created in cooperation with a team of Licensed Physical Therapists, focusing on prehab, mobility and sport physiotherapy

  • 3 attachments to create targeted localized pressure and to reach deeper lying muscle groups.
  • The Backrelease massage tool for the treatment of muscle tension and trigger points.
  • Release: Muscle tension, muscle pain, trigger points, adhesions and scarring in the fascia network.
  • Made of fine beech hardwood. finished with natural oil.
  • Stainless brass connecting elements give the design a brilliant rounding.
  • Fits in every pocket.


1 x Backreease five parts, three attachments
1 x instruction manual
1 x Starter Booklet E-Book Download

  •  Invented in Switzerland
  •  Made in China
  • The product is shipped from Germany
  • VAT-free outside the EU


Who is Backrelease suitable for?
Basically for everyone who wants to massage himself. Whether it is treating trigger points or releasing adhesions in the myofascial network. Almost all parts of the body are accessible.
What material is Backrelease made of?
From sustainable production - PEFC certified hardwood / beech.
Is the device physiologically harmless?
Yes, the device is free of harmful substances, physiologically harmless, tested and certified according to EU directives.
Made of hardwood, oiled with natural oil, physiologically harmless.
Is there a manual?
Yes you will get a video about the technical handling. A starter booklet for download with an introduction to self myofascial release. Exercise examples created by a team of physiotherapists are also included.
What are the advantages compared to other tools?
  • You can also reach less accessible parts of the body without any contorted movements.
  • You don't have to get on the floor to create pressure.
  • Different attachments to reach deeper muscle groups.
  • The muscles you treat are not under tension!
  • Small and handy!
Is the backrelease hard?
The device is made of hardwood and therefore hard. You can easily control the amount of pressure you apply yourself. Watch the video "Best Practice" in the door frame.
What are the benefits of self-treatment?
  • Self-empowerment
  • Cheap
  • No appointment-except with yourself :)
  • Anytime and anywhere!
What are possible feelings of success through self-treatment?
  • Increase of well-being
  • Performance enhancement 
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Confidence in the self-healing powers of your body
  • Gives you a feeling of independence
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